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What is a self adhesive label?

Construction of a self adhesive label

Self adhesive labels (otherwise known as pressure sensitive labels) are made by printing onto a construction of 3 layers:

  • a release liner (otherwise known as the backing paper , carrier or glassine)
  • a layer of adhesive
  • the face material

The self adhesive label release liner

The release liner is commonly made of paper and is silicone coated on 1 side (occasionally 2) to enable the label to be removed cleanly from the liner. Increasingly, especially for some high volume applications where automated applicator machines are used to apply labels at high speed, plastics are used as a release liner as they do not tear and break as easily as paper.

Although the vast majority of labels sold are paper based as it is the most established and proven product in the marketplace, we also stock a variety of face materials to cater for every application.

Self adhesive labels adhesives

In contrast the choice of silicone liner, there are many different self adhesive label adhesives to choose from, and making the correct choice is important if you want your label to stick.

One simple breakdown of the various adhesive types are:

  • Hot melt
  • Acrylic
  • Permanent
  • Removable
  • Special

The majority of self adhesive labels use water based acrylic Permanent or water based acrylic Removable adhesives. For certain “high tack” applications and for labels that are exposed to moist environments a hot melt adhesive is recommended. There are hundreds of special adhesives to choose from which can be based on water, hotmelt, UV or solvent based formulations for special applications.

See our article on How to choose the right adhesive for your labels.

Die cutting the self adhesive label

Labels are die cut using blades mounted on a that penetrate through the face paper and the adhesive at high speed, typically 20-100m/min, but do not break the release liner.

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