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How to choose the right adhesive for your labels

Selecting the right adhesive is a balance between the strength of the initial “tack” or “grab”, the final long term strength of adhesion (so the label will not fall off) and the ability for the label to be removed if required. In addition, certain environments (e.g freezers or book covers) demand special adhesives.

Types of Adhesives

  • Permanent adhesives are the most common and are not designed to be removed once initial contact is made. They work on the majority of surfaces but can have difficulty bonding to some surfaces such as damp plastics. They are not able to be repositioned and will leave a residue on most surfaces when removed. Unless you have very specific requirements, this is the best adhesive to choose as it is cost effective and meets the requirements of most labels.
  •  Removable adhesives are designed to allow the label to be removed, but may leave a residue on the application surface. The longer the label is on the surface, the harder it is to remove and the more likely it is to leave a residue.
  • Ultra-peel adhesives are the weakest and are useful for marking up high value goods where the label must be very easily removed e.g. book covers, glass, fine chinaware. The adhesion strength is low and if used incorrectly these labels will fall off.
  • Freezer adhesives are useful for products that are stored at cold temperatures, as conventional permanent adhesives become ineffective below -10 degrees Celsius, and freezers often drop to below -30 degrees Celsius.
  • Marine adhesives can withstand protracted submersion under water and are principally used for chemical labeling.
  • Security adhesives have various properties that indicate tampering of the label. These are also called Security Void Labels or Security Void Stickers.

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