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Advice for 1st time buyers of self adhesive labels

We love helping businesses get the labels they need and are very happy to give free advice on everything to do with labelling, including the selection of the right materials and adhesives for your application. Our labelling specialist will do a full label audit to ensure that we deliver a label that you are 100% happy with!

Getting Started with Your Custom Printed Label

The first step is to contact us and describe what you want to achieve. We will analyse your requirements so as to determine the correct combination of material and adhesive.

You will need professional artwork to get the best from your label design. If you already have your own artwork, we can work with that. Alternatively, our graphic designers can do artwork based on any existing packaging you have, your logo or brand.. If you need a complete packaging and branding design service then we have 3rd party suppliers we can recommend.

Costs of Printing a Custom Self Adhesive Label

Often first time label buyers are unaware of some of the hidden costs of printing custom self adhesive labels. There are 4 costs you need to be aware of:

  • Artwork – every time you change your artwork design, your graphic designer will charge you to do this, so spend time from the beginning getting it right. For a small charge we can design artwork for you based on any existing packaging you have, your logo or brand.
  • Printing plates – the majority of jobs will require a printing plate. However, for certain jobs it might be a cheaper option for us to printer the labels digitally or by a method of thermal transfer. Our labelling specialist will advise you of the best option for you.
  • Dies– your labels are cut out of the material you have selected using a special die. You can choose from one of our existing dies in which case there is no additional cost. However, if you need a special shape or size, we would have to configure a cutter for your specific requirements which will incur an additional cost.
  • Labels – the cost to print, varnish, laminate and die-cut your labels. Remember to ask about minimum order quantities.

Lead-time for Delivery of your Custom Self Adhesive Label

The majority of our orders are dispatched in 7 to 10 days from artwork approval and order. If you want to get your label printed right the first time, contact Majestic Labels - we pride ourselves on our exceptional quality.

About Majestic Labels

Majestic Labels manufactures, prints and supplies plain and full colour self adhesive labels to a wide variety of industries.Get your self adhesive labels direct from the manufacturer and know you are getting labels of the highest quality at the best price! More about custom self adhesive label manufacturers.